Jul 22, 2012

Cruise with Janet and Stefan - Rome

3-4 October

After Brian and I had been in Rome for a few days with Anne and Steve, Bri's parents came into town to explore the city with us.  On their first day, we met them at their hotel with all of our friends and walked to an amazing rooftop restaurant for lunch.  It was a lot of fun to introduce Janet and Stefan to our friends and to hang out as a big group.

After lunch, we continued our scooter adventure with Anne, Steve, and Betsy, but we met up with Janet and Stefan for the dinner we had been anticipating all week.  Anne and Steve love this restaurant and were so sweet to make reservations WAY in advance for our group.

Excited to consume lots of delectable food and wine!

This picture doesn't do the restaurant justice - the lights were very dim, so all of the bright colors came across as chill and quirky.  And the food did not disappoint.  I think we all had at least three courses of food and five courses of wine : )  It was a wonderful last night with Anne, Steve, Elizabeth, and Betsy.

The next day, we explored Rome with Janet and Stefan!

We, of course, started the day at a cafe with cappuccinos.

And then we wandered!

And then, we stopped for Grom gelato, some of the best in Rome

And then we wandered some more!

We had a lot of fun looking at all of the artists' work in this piazza.

I loved all of the fresh flower stands!

We went to the top of the Il Vittoriano for a beautiful view of Rome.  The problem with the great view was we couldn't decide what we wanted in the picture!  So we took a few : )

And then we continued exploring at Palatine Hill.

By this time, it was safe to say we were pooped!  We had made our way all around Rome, so it was time to reward ourselves with some dinner and wine!  We decided to go back to a restaurant we had found with Anne and Steve earlier in the week, because before we had only gone for lunch, but at dinner the restaurant had LIVE JAZZ!  My favorite.  It was a tiny restaurant, so it was really cool how the band just squeezed in between the tables.  It was such a fun evening!

Now, time to cruise!!