Feb 18, 2010

City of Love

Brian was supposed to go out of town over Valentine's Day weekend, but at the last minute his trip was canceled! YAY! So, he came with me and two of our friends, Christine and Alexis, to Paris! Ah, Paris...

Our first day was a little foggy, snowy, and COLD, but we were so excited to be there! And we didn't take a sightseeing tour, although this picture would you lead you to believe otherwise : )

Every trip to Paris needs to start with the Eiffel Tower, right? We thought so!

After walking around the tower, it started to snow, so we thought it was time for coffee and crepes!! After recovering feeling in our toes, we walked to Napoleon's tomb. The building was HUGE and very ornate.

As we walked from Napoleon's tomb to Notre Dame, Brian and I found a street vendor selling artwork that we loved! I'm really excited about the paintings we bought from him; I think they'll look really good in our apartment when we get them framed.

For lunch, we ate at a restaurant in the Latin Quarter that was completely decorated for Valentine's Day. I loved the heart hanging over the bar : ) The food was so delicious! We had the "Traditional Beef Stew" that was so tender and so tasty! The waiters were hilarious - they danced around all the tables and almost lit the Valentine decorations on fire with roman candles that came in one of the desserts.

Next was Notre Dame!

The inside of Notre Dame was very impressive. The stained glass was very detailed, and the arched ceilings were overwhelmingly magnificent.

The flying buttresses and the detail on the exterior were unbelievable.

Later in the evening, we saw Notre Dame at night. I loved the way it was lit up and how the lights reflected on the river.

That night we went to the Aux Trois Maillet for a cabaret show. From salsa music to Frank Sinatra covers, the live music was phenomenal! We were lucky enough to sit with the owner's son, so we got plenty of free champagne!

I loved the neon lights in Paris

The next day, Valentine's Day, had beautiful weather! It was so wonderful to see the sun - Frankfurt has been quite cloudy lately. First we went to the Louvre - what an amazing museum!

Hallway after hallway were full of paintings, sculptures, and famous pieces of art!

Me and Mona Lisa

The crowd checking out Mona - and this was "down season"! I can't imagine what it would be like in the summer

Venus de Milo

Winged Victory of Samothrace

What a gorgeous day!

After the Louvre, we had another delicious lunch, and then we headed to the Eiffel Tower to go to the top! We had tickets just in time for the sun set on Valentine's Day!

View from the top!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I was one happy girl!

After we watched the sun set, we watched the Eiffel Tower light up.

For dinner, we all went to a really quirky restaurant. It had bras, panties, and business cards on the walls for decoration. Despite the really odd decorations, the food was great! Each of us had a different three course meal, and we were all extremely happy with the food!

On our last day, we went to Montmartre, which is a hill in Paris that has a great view of the city!

On the hill, there was a small plaza where artists gathered to paint and sell their work.

Our friend, Alexis, bought paintings from this artist

One last lunch in Paris - more crepes and creme brulee!

Basilica of the Sacré Cœur is also on the hill, and it is really cool how it towers over the city! My mom would love this place because we had to climb a TON of stairs to get to it.

It houses the largest mosaic in the world!

We had a great trip and really enjoyed traveling with our friends!

Feb 4, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day!

And Happy 27th Birthday, Brian! Brian's birthday was Tuesday, so we had a day full of birthday fun! For dinner we went to this really wonderful restaurant called Volkswirt and had some DELISH steaks that came with these awesome potatoes and roasted veggies. The restaurant was really nice, too! They had a "wine cave" that was heated with these two brick fireplaces. Very nice for a VERY snowy evening!

After dinner, we came home to enjoy Brian's favorite dessert - Derby Pie! The birthday miracle, however, was the accompanying ice cream. I had picked up some ice cream at the local grocery store to go along with the pie (our first German ice cream purchase), and I had decided to be adventurous and try the bourbon vanilla instead of just plain vanilla. Oh my GOODNESS is it good. Seriously, it is now a crucial ingredient to Derby Pie - we call it the Kentucky Special. Yum....

Happy Birthday, Bri!
The restaurant was so toasty!
I loved the piano and candles
The Birthday Bri
I know it's generic brand (ja!), but Texans, it's as creamy as Blue Bell!! Seriously.
The killer combo...

Snow in Frankfurt!!

When we first moved here, everyone said, "Frankfurt doesn't get ANY snow - EVER!" This winter apparently has been record-breaking in snowfall, though! It's been a lot of fun to go on walks in the snow and to just watch it fall from our windows. Check out these pictures of massive snowflakes! Well, maybe you need to click on the pictures to get the full effect. As a Texan, this is all VERY exciting : )