Dec 16, 2009

Mom and Grandma's Visit!

A week after Thanksgiving, my mom and grandma came to visit! They stayed with us for a week, and thinking back, I can't believe that we accomplished all we did in such a short amount of time! They were great, adventurous visitors! Here are the highlights from their trip:
  • We walked to the Consulate, and they visited my office and met a lot of my coworkers. It was really fun for me to share my new job with them.
  • Decorating our Christmas tree!
  • Markets in downtown Frankfurt - it was fun to show them our new home!
  • Singing Christmas Tree Concert - performed by an international choir - it was beautiful and a great way to get in the holiday spirit!
  • Visit to Heidelberg - girls' day in a quintessential German town
  • Trip to Nuremberg, one of the most famous Christmas Markets in Germany!
Lots of gluhwein!

I think this picture is funny because Brian is so much taller than mom and grandma!

We ate a lot of lebkuchen in Nuremberg!

  • Brian taking over my Grandma's wheelchair and going up and down U-bahn escalators. He was cracking us UP!

hahahaha - we couldn't stop laughing at this - it's blurry because i was shaking from laughing so hard

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving Day was very low key for us this year - we just relaxed and enjoyed the day off from work. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, my cousin, Andrew, came in town from Cambridge. It had been a really long time since I had seen Andrew, so I was really looking forward to the weekend!

On Friday, we had a great time catching up with Andrew - hearing all about his time at Georgia Tech and Cambridge. That evening we took him to the Frankfurt Christmas Market to enjoy some gluhwein. Then on Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving! It was my first time cooking a Thanksgiving meal, so I was a little nervous. I had to be strategic because 1) I was new to cooking a turkey and dressing and 2) because my oven could literally only hold one dish at a time. My oven is TINY! But everyone seemed to be really pleased with the results, so that made the day of strateg-ery worth it! For dinner, our friends from work, Patience and Josh, joined Brian, Andrew, and me for the feast. Patience was so wonderful to contribute some delicious dishes! After dinner, we participated in traditional Thanksgiving activities - like the Pilgrims and Indians - we played Rock Band on PS3. It was a really great weekend - it was really special to be with family on Thanksgiving!

At the Frankfurt Christmas Market

Thanksgiving dinner time! So excited!

Blessed to have wonderful family and friends

The feast! (not including desserts, of course)

And after dinner, there was ROCK BAND